From: Benjamin Griffin
Sent: Tuesday, April 9, 2019 7:09:37 PM
To: J####
Cc: Z##### (other student rep.)

Dear J####,

I hope you’re well and enjoying the break! Mine is exhausting but looking up.

I think it’s great that you’ve jumped into your essay early.  Also, It’s great that you’re reaching out for help. Two gold stars for you! 

First, you should approach your tutor. They know you the best. Write them a general email now saying you’re stuck ‘finding the right tone.’ All the tutors are great and will get back to you pretty quickly. My tutor (####) recommends The Hamburger Method, that is taught universally in North American High Schools (i.e. where he and Dr ##### are both from). I’ve attached a flyer from (Canadian) McGill Universities‘ Political Science Department. ### added three points about research:

  • Begin by using the ANU Library Super Search.
    • Use the bibliography from a relevant paper to find more papers.
  • Also, use Google Scholar
    • As above, use the bibliography for further papers.
    • Make use of the cited by info and links to browse for ‘popular’ (i.e. frequently cited) articles.
  • Do not read everything
    • If a title looks relevant, open it and read the abstract
    • If, and only if, the abstract is relevant then read the introduction and conclusion.
    • If, and only if, it still seems relevant do you read the paper itself.
    • Frequently mover onto the next paper.

Secondly, You should absolutely make use of the Academic Skills Writing Centre. It’s brilliant, and not enough people make use of it. If you’ll take my advice, take a 15-minute drop in with a Peer Tutor. No appointment necessary, just go into the Marie Reay teaching centre  (you know, the one in Kambri with all the wooden structures inside) go up the orange stairs. You should do this as soon as possible because it will start a good habit. 11-1pm Monday to Friday

Thirdly, Write to your tutor again. This time with a no-more-than-one-page outline that Dr ##### has talked about in lectures. Do this before Friday Next, i.e. 14th April.

Lastly, use Grammarly. It’s awesome.

I hope this helps, feel free to contact me anytime!